Serving IL for over 3 decades

Serving IL for over 3 decades

Pool and Spa Maintenance

Take Advantage of Our Deluxe Maintenance Package

Don’t need a whole summer of freedom? Aquajoy can customize a program to suit your individual life and budget. Consider a semi-weekly schedule, a one-month vacation, or a pre-party visit.

Aquajoy’s Deluxe Maintenance
Package includes:

    • Opening & Cleaning pool (and spa)
    • Cleaning filter(s)
    •  Vacuuming of the pool
    • Cleaning skimmer basket(s)
    • Cleaning pump basket(s)
    • Balancing chemicals
    • Checking pool (and spa) equipment for problems
    • Closing pool (and spa)

Call or email Aquajoy today!  We will put together a package that suits your needs.  Your contract is open ended so it can be changed as you chose, want an extra visit we can add it, decide to stay open longer we will adjust the plan.  Moving and need your pool to look good hire us for the time it takes to sell or keep us for the season as a bonus / incentive for the new owner.

We offer the following maintenance services as Weekly or as needed:

(i.e. party or vacation service).

  • Test Chlorine/Bromine/Salt level
  • Test pH
  • Test Cyanuric Acid
  • Test Alkalinity
  • Clean Pump Strainer Basket
  • Clean Cartridge Filter
  • Replace Cartridge/Backwash Sand Filter/Backwash and recharge D. E. Filter
  • Fill Chemical Feeder/ Check Salt levels
  • Clean Skimmer Baskets
  • Scrub Tile Border
  • Clean Auto Vac Filter
  • Skim Pool Surface
  • Vacuum Pool
  • Brush Pool Walls and Floor
  • Chemicals as needed.

Caring for Your Water Between Visits

Between visits, there are simple things you can do to keep your pool enjoyable. Adjust the temperature of the water, keep the water level up, and regularly check the pump and skimmer baskets for blockages. Please remember to check your pH. Perfectly clear water may give the impression that it is balanced. Low pH will keep the water clear until it dissolves the heat exchanger into the water.  Since we only see your pool once a week, please call us if the water is cloudy or turning green. In summer, excessive heat and rainstorms can turn a pool green in a matter of hours.  Please inform us of any parties so we can schedule a call prior to it (given enough notice we will schedule a call the morning of your party).

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