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The countdown to Memorial Day

The countdown to Memorial Day
 By Bob Hebert
                    We all must be a little crazy, says one who should know
April is traditionally a transition period for New England swimming pool people. Sometime within the next few weeks, we will miraculously transform into a facsimile of a platoon sergeant directing troops on the beach at Iwo […]

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My pool is leaking water…Help. The bucket Test.

Leak Detection 101
Water loss can be annoying, and expensive.  Swimming pools lose water in several very different ways.  The Bucket Test is very simple and once completed may save you the cost of an initial service call and many other water loss related costs.
 Weather plays an enormous role in water loss.  In the spring and fall the evening temperatures may […]

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Pool opening made easy and safe and a fun video for the kids….

Here are a few tips from the recreational water experts at Aquajoy to help you open your pool smoothly this year!
Check your supply of water treatment chemicals to make sure you have everything you need. If any chemicals are beyond their expiration dates, replace them before opening the pool.  Replace the test kit chemicals; these are only good for one season. […]

A GREEN Pool? The ultimate goal on any pool is clear, warm water!

In the world of pools and spas green is a bad word, it congers up images of algae and frogs, but in today’s world of ever increasing energy costs and dwindling natural resources it has become a battle cry.  At Aquajoy Spa And Pool we have been on the road to energy conservation for many years, not just for the […]