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Pool chemistry

Pool opening season is coming, are you ready!

Pool opening season is coming, are you ready!  Aquajoy Spa And Pool is ! We are looking forward to storing that safety cover in the above image away for you and preparing your pool for the season ahead!
Spring starts on March 20th this year! The first day of Summer and Fathers day is June 21st. With the temperatures hovering in the 20’s […]

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Why pool heater installations require a trained professional!

Pool heaters require careful installation and maintenance!
Gas-fired pool heaters  improve comfort and extend the swim season.  They also increase the value of the pool to a prospective home buyer.  Incorrect installation and poor water care can  shorten the lifespan of the pool heater, leaving the homeowner thinking about expensive replacement costs!  Long life and consistent performance depend on a properly sized unit installed in the […]

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Pool opening guide for DIY by Aquajoy Spa And Pool

Aquajoy Spa and Pool (ASAP) realizes that most pool owners are capable of opening their own pools. It will take some time and effort but is fairly simple to do if you follow the steps below.  But if you are no so inclined for a reasonable cost we can do it for you.
Pool Opening

Mesh Cover pool opening;  prior to removing the swimming […]

Caring for Your Water Between Visits From Aquajoy Spa And Pool

Between visits, there are simple things you can do to keep your pool enjoyable. Adjust the temperature of the water, keep the water level up, and regularly check the pump and skimmer baskets for blockages.

Please remember to check your pH. Perfectly clear water may give the impression that it is balanced. Low pH will keep the water clear until it dissolves the heat exchanger into the water. […]

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