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Pool opening guide for DIY by Aquajoy Spa And Pool

Aquajoy Spa and Pool (ASAP) realizes that most pool owners are capable of opening their own pools. It will take some time and effort but is fairly simple to do if you follow the steps below.  But if you are no so inclined for a reasonable cost we can do it for you.
Pool Opening

Mesh Cover pool opening;  prior to removing the swimming […]

A Green Pool! Cartridge filtration avoids flushing your money down the drain!

Which filter works for you?
Filter choice ( Sand, Diatomaceous earth (DE), and Cartridge ) is generally based on what some one is most comfortable with or what came with the pool. In different parts of the country some are more prevalent than others.  Cartridge filtration in states where water is scarce or expensive (Arizona and California),  Sand in the Midwest […]

A GREEN Pool? The ultimate goal on any pool is clear, warm water!

In the world of pools and spas green is a bad word, it congers up images of algae and frogs, but in today’s world of ever increasing energy costs and dwindling natural resources it has become a battle cry.  At Aquajoy Spa And Pool we have been on the road to energy conservation for many years, not just for the […]

Caring for Your Water Between Visits From Aquajoy Spa And Pool

Between visits, there are simple things you can do to keep your pool enjoyable. Adjust the temperature of the water, keep the water level up, and regularly check the pump and skimmer baskets for blockages.

Please remember to check your pH. Perfectly clear water may give the impression that it is balanced. Low pH will keep the water clear until it dissolves the heat exchanger into the water. […]

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