Spa and Pool repairs

Aquajoy Spa and Pool has thirty years of experience repairing all types of pool and spa equipment.

pool wall pushing in

Pool wall in Downers Grove

  • Heaters, pumps, filters, Polaris
  • Piping repair or re plumbing
  • Auto-Cleaners
  • Pumps & Motors
  • Chemical Feeders/Chemical Controllers
  • Tile & Coping
  • Surface Repairs plaster or paint
  • Sandblasting
  • Liner repair or replace /pool bottom repair
  • Pool rehab or remodel
  • Leak detection (pressure test, Hydro phone, diving dye test, camera scoping
  • Controls and Electrical trouble shooting

Aquajoy’s repair motto “sell the best and repair the rest”!  Being a true service company has an advantage, we see all types of spa and pool equipment and repair situations.  With this experience we are able to choose the best products for our customers.  Your advantage as an Aquajoy Spa And Pool customer is the products you receive are tried and true!