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Aquajoy Spa And Pool is a full service in ground swimming pool and spa contractor. We maintain, repair, rehab and replace (equipment, parts, liners, plumbing lines, ect.) on commercial and residential in ground pools. Aquajoy Spa And Pool also repairs and maintains saunas and steam rooms. Expertly serving residential properties, Aquajoy Spa And Pool offers weekly servicing options, as well as one-time appointments for parties and events ( please give us a weeks heads up to schedule your event).
Pool maintanace Service

Pool/Spa Maintenance Service

Aquajoy Spa And Pool (ASAP) has a maintenance program to fit your needs.  All of our programs and service are adaptable to your wishes and wants.

Repair service

Pool & Spa Repairs and Service

Mice will build their home where ever it is safe and warm. No worries we will evicted them and repair the damage.  Our skilled technicians can handle almost any issue or repair.

Sauna service

Spa, Sauna & Steam Room Service

If it has water, steam or dry heat (infrared included) Aquajoy Spa And Pool will be glad to estimate, service and repair it .

Pool opening service

Pool Opening & Closing Service

It’s spring in Illinois, time to get the pools open! At Aquajoy Spa and Pool, we have many options available for you. From the basic pool opening to the full service packages that let you relax in your pool, not working on your pool!  Our goal is to have you swimming and relaxing, with family and friends!

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ASAP is incredibly responsive, it's part of our name and culture.

Aquajoy Spa And Pool's dependable, personalized service will ensure a safe and healthy swimming environment!
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The summer is to short for cheap beer and pool maintenance, you handle the beer and we will handle the care of your pool.Learn More
Did you know a $27.00 seal leak can cost you $400.00 or more? If you see a drip or puddle under your pump the seal may have failed. It needs to be replaced before the water runs in to the bearing and destroys the motor!Learn More
Did you know steam generators need regular cleanings? Or that not all saunas should have water poured on the heater! Or that most spa heaters fail due to poor water chemistry!Learn More
Aquajoy Spa And Pool has a D.I.Y blog with helpful tips for do it yourself pool owners. If you get over your head “no Worries” our number is on every page.Learn More

ASAP’s Other Services

Openings and closings are just a couple of the services we offer. Aquajoy Spa And Pool literally does everything on pools except put them in. And yes we have, we just prefer the service and rehab end of the business.

Pool body resurfacing (Liners, Plaster and Paint) These three keep the water in and give your pool that unique look. But over time just like the paint on your house they fade or wear off. Aquajoy Spa And Pool can advise you on how to make the pool body look new again. A new liner with patterns that suit your whims or whimsy, a fresh coat of long lasting epoxy over the existing paint or on the freshly sand blasted surface. And one of the many new plaster types and colors for your gunite pool. Once completed your pool will look like the day it was put in! Call or email today for an estimate you will be surprised how reasonable it is to have a new pool.

  • Tip: these are all wear items that protect the pool shell, leaking liners will damage the pools subsurface, paint and plaster protect the concrete or gunite below.
  • Call us for a consult we will be glad to let you know what your options are.
Coping for liners, Coping Stone, Brick and Tile are beautiful and simple upgrades to your pool and deck.  Replacing them will have a dramatic effect to your pool area.  Worn out or damaged liner coping can be replaced, adding a brick or cement coping to it will make the pool and liner stand out.  Replacing older coping or adding coping to a cantilever deck with new tile can refresh that old pool look, add a coat of paint and you have a new look.

  • Liner pool coping is available in many styles.  Usually mounted on the pool wall and in the deck.  To replace it we cut back the deck which allows for the addition of coping stone or brick.  This will really make the pool stand out.
  • Old worn out, broken or loose coping stones could be a safety hazard! If replacing them all is not an option we might be able to reset or replace only the bad ones.
Fountains, Water Falls and slides add fun to your pool.  Kids love to play in or on them and the soothing sounds of water running /falling into your pool are a great back drop  for that dinner party on the deck. Add an LED light to the pool and dial in a soothing blue hue, turn on the fire pit an now your set for a romantic evening (hope the kids stay in bed).

  • Multiple lights can be synced to put on a show (red white and blue for 4th of July?).
  • Waterfalls and slides can be tied into existing plumbing or have their own for more control.
Safety=fun  sound strange it’s not!  If your pool is properly protected the chance of an accident is greatly reduced.   Aquajoy can evaluate your pool area and give you a comprehensive evaluation of it. We will check every thing from your bottom drain cover to the locks on your gates.  Our Technicians are trained to look for possible dangerous situations  and how to address them.  A simple door lock 5′ up on the door may stop your toddler from running out on the deck.  Replacing a fence post may stop the neighborhood kids from slipping through. The electric pool cover or winter mesh cover may stop the dog from falling in.  The majority of these item are easy fixes once explained.  Some are more expensive upgrades but as we were told recently  “I can’t replace my grand kids and I love my dogs.”

  • If your purchasing a house with a pool Aquajoy can do an extensive check on the overall health of the pool and any safety issues.
  • Aquajoy Spa and Pool has trained safety personnel that are up on current products and codes to keep your loved ones safe around your pool.
The pros at ASAP are very good at leak detection.  They can find them in your pool or on your plumbing lines underground.  Leaks need to be repaired as they cause erosion and cost money.  Having to replace water that you have heated and chemically treated is costly. Not to mention very environmentally unfriendly! Do you think your pool is leaking?  Try the “bucket test” it is quick and easy and fairly accurate.  For Fiberglass pool owners, you need to find the leak, in our hard clay area water will stay around your pool which could cause the pool to pop out of the ground!

At Aquajoy we dislike the term “pool guy”  which congers up images of a tan hunk with a pool vac.  We are so much more (not that we wouldn’t want to be tan Hunks).  A “pool guy” at ASAP has to be able to work  in almost any trade because swimming pools encompass most of them! Your “pool guy” knows electrical , plumbing, digital boards, concrete, carpentry, construction, HVAC (heat pumps and heaters), engineering, architecture, chemistry, biology and the list goes on.  We go to school for state codes and laws (NEC, VGB, IDPH, ADA)  for water flow in pipes (hydraulics), for electric and electronics  (control box wiring, whole house systems),  for equipment service (heat pump school takes three full days).  A great “pool guy” may even be able to put a roof on your shed with shingles (we have).  Our industry may still have “pool guys (girls)” in it but that is not who you want working on your pool!  Aquajoy Spa and Pool employs Pool Professionals, even our maintenance crews can build a pool from scratch!

Why Choose Aquajoy Spa and Pool

      • Fully responsive to your needs and wishes.
      • Our skill and knowledge base is massive, everyone in the company has worked in the field serving the customer.  We incorporate education with hands on learning.  Experience in all aspects of pool construction and maintenance.
      • Our product offerings are the best in the industry backed by a network of distributors and representatives that are second to none.  We can sell and install with confidence knowing your product will receive the up most attention should it fail.  We can guarantee our work and products with the knowledge that it will be backed buy our suppliers.
      • Service, from the technician in the field to the front office.  We work for you.  From the moment you call our goal is to give you the up most attention!  Are we perfect, by no means but we never stop trying to be!
      • One point of contact on every project.  You may see and deal with multiple people but only one person will be responsible for your project from start to finish.
      • We still believe in a hand shake as a binding contract of trust and performance.
      • Pride, we want our customers and competition, to look at a job and know that it was done by a consummate professional.
      • Trained pool professionals by the manufactures and the industry tech schools.  Our office staff was trained in the hospitality industry (Hilton and Hyatt).

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