Aquajoy Spa And Pool has been performing commercial pool, spa, sauna and steam room services for 32 years.

Aquajoy Spa And Pool (ASAP) offers the following service to our commercial pool customers:

  • Commercial pool and spa openings and closings
  • Daily,  Bi weekly or monthly maintenance services (vacuuming, chemical balancing, IDPH Logs)
  • Installation of related Commercial pool equipment (Pumps, Filters, Heaters, chemical controllers) to Illinois Department of Public Health codes.
  • Resurfacing ( Paint or Plaster) Sand blasting if needed.
  • Equipment repair, maintenance, parts and chemicals.  We even deliver!
  • Pressure testing and leak detection.  Underwater leak detection and repair.
  • A net work of knowledgeable commercial pool professionals that are willing to help if needed.
  • What we do not offer is new pool installation, but we know several great commercial pool builders we can refer.
  • Sauna and Steam room repairs and parts.
  • Pool management and life guard services provided by Chicagoland Pool Management
  • Consulting

Other than  30 years in business what else is in our name?

ASAP, which is crucial if your commercial pool breaks down during the season.  We have multiple local vendors in the area we can pick up parts from, we also have contacts with most commercial product manufacturers in case your parts are not readily at hand.  Our goal is to be on site within 24 hrs and get the pool up and running that day.  Experience, Training, Knowledge, and Urgency make Aquajoy Spa And Pool a perfect fit for your facility.  If we cannot resolve an issue we will call in some one who can, having your facility up and running ASAP is our main focus and goal. We have CPO and Illinois Department of Public Health certifications and carry current insurance (provided to every account upon request). Aquajoy Spa And Pool is current on the VGB (Pool Safety Act) and ADA Compliance (Americans with Disabilities Act 2010).  We have trained personnel on staff that have been trained on these Acts to provide you with the best advice for following these Federal laws.  Illinois has adopted both acts and checks for compliance. Our Staff has been servicing commercial pools for a minimum of five years and a maximum of 33 years.

Commercial pool chair lift (ADA complient)

ADA compliant chair lift Installed In Chicago, IL

Commercial pool Skimmer install

Skimmer being replaced in Woodridge, IL

Required VGB grate on none compliant commercial pool drain

VGB Aegis cover installed in Downers Grove, Il

proper filter plumbing for commercial pool filters

Balanced filtration, in Palatine. Just by re-plumbing Aquajoy was able to increase the flow rate by 10 gpm.

Anti entrapment device required on most commercial pools

This required anti entrapment device will not work, do you know why?



For a quote on a repair/ project, cost for an opening/ closing or even just a pool related question call us at (630) 774-4515 or email us at