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Energy Efficient Equipment

Aquajoy Spa And Pool, Whats New ?

Aquajoy Spa And Pool has made a few changes over the last year!
Last year Aquajoy added to our name (Spa And Pool), why? In the 30 years we have been in the pool market we have always tried to “say what we do and do what we say” in a timely manor.  It has been said pool guys or service […]

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A Green Pool! Cartridge filtration avoids flushing your money down the drain!

Which filter works for you?
Filter choice ( Sand, Diatomaceous earth (DE), and Cartridge ) is generally based on what some one is most comfortable with or what came with the pool. In different parts of the country some are more prevalent than others.  Cartridge filtration in states where water is scarce or expensive (Arizona and California),  Sand in the Midwest […]

A Green Pool! Variable Speed Motors and Pool Pumps.

What are Variable Speed Pool pumps and how they save energy and money!

The Variable Speed Pump motor components explained;
Typical variable speed (VS) motors have three major components:  1) the motor 2) the drive that is bolted on to the motor 3) the controller that sits on the drive.  The drive provides electrical in DC 3 phase to the motor and […]

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A GREEN Pool? The ultimate goal on any pool is clear, warm water!

In the world of pools and spas green is a bad word, it congers up images of algae and frogs, but in today’s world of ever increasing energy costs and dwindling natural resources it has become a battle cry.  At Aquajoy Spa And Pool we have been on the road to energy conservation for many years, not just for the […]

Salt Chlorinator and how It works on your pool water.

The Salt Chlorinator:  How it works (technical explanation)
The two component Salt Chlorinators generate chlorine by passing low voltage electrical current through the pool water and converting the chloride ions from salt into chlorine. When salt is added to the swimming pool, it immediately dissociates to form sodium and chloride ions. NaCl Na+ + Cl. Electrical current flow is denoted at the […]