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Bonding and Grounding

Bonding and Grounding cause some confusion.  Bonding involves the copper wire from your pool that runs on the outside of your equipment, whereas grounding is the green wire that comes from your electrical panel.  Our blog on electricity,  Electricity and water a shockingly good time?, will give you more insight and several links that may help you understand the importance […]

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A proper understanding of your test kit

A proper understanding of your test kit

Manufacturers of quality colorimetric tests (DPD and OTO) have advance their test kits and procedures to a very reliable science. Follow the instructions precisely and the results will be extremely accurate. The supplied instructions are easy to follow and will give tips on how to get the most out of the test kit and avoid […]

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Pool opening season is coming, are you ready!

Pool opening season is coming, are you ready!  Aquajoy Spa And Pool is ! We are looking forward to storing that safety cover in the above image away for you and preparing your pool for the season ahead!
Spring starts on March 20th this year! The first day of Summer and Fathers day is June 21st. With the temperatures hovering in the 20’s […]

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Buying or Selling a home with a Swimming pool?

Purchasing and selling a home with a pool requires some market savvy.
At Aquajoy Spa And Pool, we often get asked “will a pool add to or diminish  the value of my home?”  There is no simple answer!
Some basic facts that affect the purchase of a home with a pool.

Families  young children will consider pools a drowning risk, and may not consider […]

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30 years of Aquajoy Spa And Pool

January 1985,  Aquajoy comes to life.   US’s 1st mandatory seat belt law goes into effect (NY),  VH-1 made its broadcasting debut, The Internet’s Domain Name System is created,  Microsoft releases Windows 1.0, President at the time Ronald Reagan and gas was $1.09.  Aquajoy Inc, as it was known then, had only commercial accounts.  We quickly learned that commercial accounts especially large ones pay […]

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Why pool heater installations require a trained professional!

Pool heaters require careful installation and maintenance!
Gas-fired pool heaters  improve comfort and extend the swim season.  They also increase the value of the pool to a prospective home buyer.  Incorrect installation and poor water care can  shorten the lifespan of the pool heater, leaving the homeowner thinking about expensive replacement costs!  Long life and consistent performance depend on a properly sized unit installed in the […]

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The countdown to Memorial Day

The countdown to Memorial Day
 By Bob Hebert
                    We all must be a little crazy, says one who should know
April is traditionally a transition period for New England swimming pool people. Sometime within the next few weeks, we will miraculously transform into a facsimile of a platoon sergeant directing troops on the beach at Iwo […]

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Seasonal Specials / Promotions Spring 2016


Variable speed pumps and motors are beginning to really break into the pool market!  The upfront cost of these pumps is quickly recouped in energy savings.  The built in timers and speeds allow you to decide when and how fast the pump runs.  On a pool and spa combination running off of one pump, for example, will allow you to […]

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Electricity and water a shockingly good time?

Electricity and water do not mix, we all agree with that.
Water is a great conductor of electricity as are we ( our bodies are 60-75%  water).   National Electrical Code (NEC) has one overriding concern, it’s to keep people and water separated from electricity. Article 680 of the NEC code applies to pools, spas, hot tubs, fountains, and similar bodies […]

Aquajoy Spa And Pool, Whats New ?

Aquajoy Spa And Pool has made a few changes over the last year!
Last year Aquajoy added to our name (Spa And Pool), why? In the 30 years we have been in the pool market we have always tried to “say what we do and do what we say” in a timely manor.  It has been said pool guys or service […]

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