Pool season will be here soon, as soon as the Illinois glacier reseeds!


Pool opening season is coming, are you ready!  Aquajoy Spa And Pool is ! We are looking forward to storing that safety cover in the above image away for you and preparing your pool for the season ahead!

Spring starts on March 20th this year! The first day of Summer and Fathers day is June 21st. With the temperatures hovering in the 20’s it is not hard to dream about laying at pool side listening to the joyful screams of our kids as they plunge into the crystal clear abyss that is in your back yard.  Now is the time to start planning the opening and any repairs that may be needed.  If you need a fresh coat off paint or a new liner call us soon,  even though these items are weather related (warm and dry) they require some planning and lead time for the materials.  Plumbing lines and equipment can be repaired even in cooler weather do not wait until opening day!

Aquajoy Spa And Pool, as many of our competitors, hits the ground running as soon as the weather becomes warm enough to start opening pool and repairing pools, around the end of March and definitely in April (which is booked heavily already)!  We check all our commercial pumps early, just a quick on and off to ensure they are still functioning, you can do the same with your pump, if it hums and will not turn over it may need to be replaced.

Planning a party early in May, let us know we will open the pool early so it will be crystal clear and warm for your guests and friends.  For DIY pool opening information!

Remember to call in (630-774-4515)  or email our Service dept. your opening date soon, this insures you get the date you want.  Opening information can be found here.