January 1985,  Aquajoy comes to life.   US’s 1st mandatory seat belt law goes into effect (NY),  VH-1 made its broadcasting debut, The Internet’s Domain Name System is created,  Microsoft releases Windows 1.0, President at the time Ronald Reagan and gas was $1.09.  Aquajoy Inc, as it was known then, had only commercial accounts.  We quickly learned that commercial accounts especially large ones pay on their terms not yours.  In 1986 we added many new residential customers.  Today  Aquajoy Spa and Pool services both commercial and residential in-ground swimming pools, health clubs, park districts and government facilities.  We have partnered with a pool management company to provide facility management and life guards.  Our wonderful loyal customers ( some have been with us for 20 yrs) have made us one of the premier pool contractors in the Chicagoland area

30 years

Happy Birthday Aquajoy Spa And Pool!

“30 years of doing it one way, the right way ” is our motto.  Our goal to be the best service company we can to our customers!  We may not always be perfect but we will continue trying to be for the next thirty years.