Start 2016 with energy savings. Just $1350.00 plus install. Order with your opening and Aquajoy Spa And Pool will install it for $180.00 plus tax. Don’t forget the COM Ed rebate apply for $300 to $500 


Variable speed pumps and motors are beginning to really break into the pool market!  The upfront cost of these pumps is quickly recouped in energy savings.  The built in timers and speeds allow you to decide when and how fast the pump runs.  On a pool and spa combination running off of one pump, for example, will allow you to run the pool at one speed and the spa at another.  Why? Most pool builders increase the horsepower on a pool/spa combo to give the spa that wonderful jet action, which is overkill for the pool.  Dial down the pressure on the pool and save the electricity, and more than likely your pools filter will do a better job also (lower flow=better filtration.






Our Last liner install of 2014 was a great hit with the grandkids of our customer in Lombard.  They chose it as a family and made sure they were the first ones in it!  This was a fun install with more help than we needed!


Is 2015 the year you replace your liner?  If your liner has reached 9-12 years it is time to consider a new one.  Aquajoy Spa And Pool can evaluate your liner, we will look at all the possible trouble spots and test the amount of elasticity that is left in the vinyl.  If the time has come to replace it we will prepare a proposal for you. Aquajoy has been replacing liners for 30 years, our team will insure you get the perfect fit no matter what shape you pool is or in.

We start by measuring the liner with a laser and a tape, then the drawing of the pool and the measurements are emailed to the factory.  All the information is put into a cad drawing and sent to computer guided cutting machines.  Once cut the liner pieces are heat welded together, checked and boxed.  Once on site, the old liner is removed any repairs to the floor and walls are completed.  The new liner is the hung and sucked into place, a new VGB drain cover is installed and water is turned on.   When the pool is almost full the new inlet and skimmer faceplates are installed and the pool is ready.

Thinking about a new liner or past that point, call Aquajoy (630 774 4515) or email us at

Mention this post and we will give you 15% off your liner cost.  Valid until September of 2016.




BABY-LOC Removable Fencing is the first removable fencing good enough to come from LOOP-LOC, and is a convenient, cost-effective way to help deter toddlers from gaining access to a swimming pool,

child fenceraised deck or dock. Available in heights of 412 feet or 5 feet, choose from premium fiberglass or aluminum poles. Matching, neutral-colored caps fit snugly into deck sleeves when the fence is removed, and BABY-LOC rolls up for fast storage when not in use.  Works great keeping your pets way from the pool and unwanted guests!







  Exclusively from Merlin Industries is the Smart-Mesh safety cover, the only mesh safety cover to provide 40-micron filtration as well as patented 100 percent shade protection, the company says. The cover is offered inSafety cover green, tan or blue at no additional charge.  Aquajoy Spa And Pool will measure, order and install your new cover all for one low price.  You get peace of mind that your pool is safe and protected During the winter months.  Going on Vacation for a couple of weeks, put the cover on keep debris out and reduce your concerns  about unwanted use or possible accidents.

 Orders for new or replacement covers by August 1st, 2016 will be discounted 10%.  Call Soon 630 774-4515 email