Aquajoy Spa And Pool has made a few changes over the last year!

Last year Aquajoy added to our name (Spa And Pool), why? In the 30 years we have been in the pool market we have always tried to “say what we do and do what we say” in a timely manor.  It has been said pool guys or service guys in general never show up on time if they even show up at all!  We wanted to be different and we believe on the whole we have been, hence ASAP in our name.  Our goal for 2014  and forward is to improve our response time to our customers.

We added the new website  (!  One that is easy to maintain and update.  This will allow us to post more helpful and hopefully insightful information.  In combination with our new Facebook page  and Google page  we hope that our ability to communicate with you will result in even better service.  Aquajoy Spa And Pool would like to in-courage you to share interesting pool/spa issues of all types (yes even the bad) that you may come across.


“I wish I had switched sooner!”

We have added some new product to our existing ones,  Waterway variable speed pumps , Century VSR motors, Astral salt generators  and the improved line of Raypak/Rheem heaters.

You, energy and the environment are key goals Aquajoy is aiming to hit!

The need to protect our environment from us humans has ASAP recommending energy efficient products,  we test all of them prior to selling them (if you wish to be a test pool for a product let us know).  Aquajoy is slowly going paperless, our hope is by next season every thing will be cloud based.  For those of you that need it we will still use the USPS.  If you haven’t tried them the LED light for your house and yard cut down on electrical costs and give off lots of light.  We have them installed in our office and with all the lights on (5 bulbs) we are using less than 40 watts and the room is bright.

biotope pool

all natural

The alternatives to sanitizing your pool are growing although the effectiveness and cost are still not were we would like to see them.  We will continue to recommend salt generation as the best alternative to powder and tablet chlorine.  Yes, you are still using chlorine but in a much safer and lower dosage than the other types.  There are all natural solutions,  sadly they require a lot of open area. These Natural pools will remind you of the swimming hole/ pond of our youth.  This is a pool building project we would love to try any one interested? Ionization is making a come back as a chemical free alternative.  It is close but you will still use liquid chlorine as a shock, pH adjusting products as aids.  For pools that have a lot of use, these systems cannot keep up with bather loads with out the help of chlorine or Ozone.  There are some commercial Ion units on the market that may handle higher bather loads, but there are some questions about health issues due to the copper and silver ion in the pool.  Aquajoy Spa And Pool will continue to monitor the debate and keep you informed.  Ozone on hot tubs and as a back up sanitizer is still one of our favorites, but it to has draw backs.  Added to a salt unit or standard chlorine unit it will reduce the amount of chlorine you need to keep the pool safe and clear.

minion leak detection

We are here to find your leak
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The Minions are funny but water loss is not.  Water is finite and we should do every thing we can to preserve it.  One of our techs came up with a novel idea of how to preserve water in our commercial pools.  We now have pools that are drained every 5-7 years (mainly for maintenance) instead of every year.  The money saved by the customer on water and sewer fee’s almost pays for the opening.  Leaks are another giant waste of water.  The cost is not only to your wallet (gas, electric, sewer fees, water bills) but to the environment and erosion around your pool.

Aquajoy Spa And Pool’s focus for the future!

Aquajoy Spa And Pool focus in the future will be to bring you not only timely service but also information on what is relevant and current in the aquatic recreation world.  We will be focusing on safety features and tips to keep your family safe, energy saving products to keep you costs down and environmentally sound products to keep our plant healthy for our children.  We welcome any and all ideas, suggestions and products that may help us do this for you!

Please feel free to send us links on Facebook or Google+ of anything relating to the pool industry ( don’t forget to LIKE us to get any new info).  We will be glad to send you information on any product you wish to learn about.  We will be adding a LINKS page soon with links to all the topics and products suggested on our site.