Aquajoy Spa and Pool (ASAP) realizes that most pool owners are capable of opening their own pools. It will take some time and effort but is fairly simple to do if you follow the steps below.  But if you are no so inclined for a reasonable cost we can do it for you.


Pool OpeningLooking forward to storing your cover for the season?

  1. Mesh Cover pool opening;  prior to removing the swimming pool cover remove leaves or other debris , you can use a leaf blower, broom or skim net.
  2. Solid cover pool opening; pump off any standing water if you have any. Remove leaves or other debris once the cover dries.  Note: if your cover has a hole in it, you will be pumping water out of the swimming pool. This can lead to draining the pool if you do not watch for this.  The removal is a two person job, so have help.
  3. After removing the cover, be sure to clean it, let it dry, and store for the season.  Mesh Covers will develop dry rot if not completely dry.  Store in their bag away from Mice, who love making nests out of the mesh.  Solid covers will stink if stored wet!
  4. Add water, bringing the level up to its normal operating level.  Skimmer mid point for most pools.
  5. Remove any winterizing plugs , Gizzmo’s (that green tube in the skimmer), and other items installed to protect against freezing.
  6. You should have cleaned your filter thoroughly when you closed the pool for the winter. If not, you should do it now and again once the pool is clear.
  7.  Filter system start up; install all removed plugs (pump 2, filter 1 ( may be pressure gauge), heater up to 3 and the pressure switch on older models).  Prime the pump before starting the motor. Be sure to purge all the air from the plumbing and equipment (open bleeder valve on filter).  Warning: Air will be compressed during this procedure. Be sure to release any built up pressure before opening your filter, pump, or chemical feeder.
  8. Check for any leaks.  Turn on gas for heater (after cleaning out any debris in the fire box), light the pilot (follow the instructions from the manufacture).  Warning: Always stand to the side of the heater when turning it on in case it rolls out!  ASAP offers a heater cleaning and check up! 
  9. Assess the pool itself. Hopefully, you had a cover on and the water is as clear as when you closed it. If not, you will want to remove any large debris with your leaf net, leaf rake, or leaf eater.
  10. Any dirt, sand, algae, or other small debris should be vacuumed to waste!  
  11. Check the water chemistry.
    • DO NOT begin by throwing a bunch of chlorine or other chemicals into the water. Adding chlorine and other chemicals in certain circumstances can damage and/or stain your pool surface.  Liners will bleach out if chlorine is left sitting on the bottom.
    • Allow the water to circulate at least 8-12 hours, so that the water that was added has time to mix with the water in the pool.
    •  Test it thoroughly, then add the necessary chemicals in the proper sequence to balance the water chemistry. This is an important step so be prepared to check the levels several times. Call ASAP (630 774 4515) if you need help or want this done for you.
  12. Install handrails, ladders, etc. being sure to inspect them for wear and damage. If you apply car wax to the stainless steel rails, it will help protect them from corrosion.
  13. Inspect the diving board. It should be free of stress cracks and the surface should have a non-skid surface. If the board has any stress cracks, it should be replaced. If the surface has been worn smooth, ASAP has the products that can refinish it to correct this.
  14. Chemical levels; chlorine 2-3 ppm, pH 7.2-7.6 (lower ph add acid raise soda ash), alkalinity 80-120, stabilizer 40-60 (remember tablets have stabilizer in them start at 30 ppm). Phosphates keep as low as possible zero is perfect.  Free  Water Analysis program from Ask the pool
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  15. Tile lines can be cleaned with baking soda and a sponge if you do not have any pool tile cleaner. Do not use any household cleaners (especially abrasives) to clean the tile. You do not want to swim in these chemicals or have them throw off your chemical balance!

Some times its better to let the pros at Aquajoy Spa And Pool show you before you try your first pool opening!  If you wish to shadow us just let us know we will be glad to show you.  Even if you decided not to do it on your own at least you will know the process.  One word of caution opening your pool on your own is fairly easy and safe,  closing your pool is a completely different, one mistake can cost thousands of dollars.  Let a pro do it, it is well worth the money!

baby in pool

Yeah pool is ready!

If you do it right, the water will be clear and your kids will be smiling!  Happy opening season!

Be sure to check out our other pool opening tips for pool opens on this site,  pool opening and safety and pool opening season is coming.

Aquajoy Pool And Spa is always ready to help.  We are only a quick Email or phone call (630) 774 4515 away