Here are a few tips from the recreational water experts at Aquajoy to help you open your pool smoothly this year!

Check your supply of water treatment chemicals to make sure you have everything you need. If any chemicals are beyond their expiration dates, replace them before opening the pool.  Replace the test kit chemicals; these are only good for one season.  Let us know your needs and we will drop them off on the day of your  pool opening! Make sure the power and gas are on in case your pool opening is scheduled while your at work.  Pull out all the deck equipment and fittings that were stored away in the basement or garage, don’t for get the cover bag so we can store it once it dries.

 If you open your own pool or it is cloudy or green when Aquajoy opens it, check these items once it clears up:

VGB approved Drain cover

Approved VGB Drain cover

Check to be sure drain covers are in place and properly installed.  Consider upgrading to new drain covers that meet the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act (VGBPSSA) of 2007. The act, which helps to protect children in particular, requires new drain covers to be designed to prevent body parts or hair from becoming trapped in the drain due to suction. More information about this act is available through the Consumer Product Safety Commission. If Aquajoy empties your pool we will replace the drain cover at that time. Please contact us if your cover is loose or broken this must be repaired before the pool is used.  Check all gate latches to help prevent unobserved  entry.  Keep your gates locked to prevent unauthorized use and accidents

Add water to bring the water level up to the normal operating level, then turn the power on after priming the pump. Check for leaks and make sure the system is operating properly. After the water has cleared backwash and restart the circulation equipment. Vacuum the pool. (If Aquajoy opens your pool, we will check everything and get the pool up and running, you will just need to keep an eye on the water fill.)

Run the pump continuously at the beginning of the season until the pool water is clear and balanced. The filter may need to be backwashed frequently during the first few days of operation, depending upon how dirty the water became over the winter. If you start with a clean filter a 10 Psi rise is an indication its time to clean the filter. If popool chemical safetyssible vacuum to waste, this will remove the winter debris with out clogging the filter.Analyze the water quality and add treatment chemicals as needed to adjust the chlorine, pH and alkalinity to desired levels. Refer to the chemical manufacturer’s usage instructions or contact Aquajoy for assistance if you are unsure how to safely use these products. Monitor water chemistry levels frequently the first few days the pool is open, adjusting chemical treatment as needed until they stabilize. Store chemicals in a secure location where pets and children cannot access them!

Check skimmer baskets and remove debris (frequently in the spring and fall), ensuring the water level is approximately mid-height of the skimmer weir opening for best surface skimming performance. Once the water quality has reached the desired level, your pool opening is complete, jump in and enjoy your pool!

Please check the safety page and the DIY  opening page on our site for more tips.  Never hesitate to call Aquajoy Spa And Pool with any safety concerns, even if you did not have your pool opened by us.  We will be glad to help you make sure your pool and yard are a safe environment for you, your children and guests.