Leak check with dye or phenol red

After checking the obvious (visual check of the pool), which other than the bucket test should have only taken an hour or so, it is time to dye test.  Turn off the pool pump and let the swimming pool  sit for a few hours, this will give it time to stop the movement that your inlets have caused.  From the edge of you pool with your food coloring dye or the phenol red from your test kit (you will need to replace it) in hand slowly go around the pool and check all the spots and fittings for leaks.  Be methodical and move slowly, very slowly, watching to see if your dye is being sucked in at any of those spots.  Check not only around the fittings but also in them.  One other test could be done, using the winterizing plugs, block off your lines and skimmer, if the leaking stops it could be in the lines. If not back to diving the swimming pool.

Time to get wet, and find that leak!

If there are no leaks from the surface leak testing, it’s time to get in the pool or if you are not a snorkeler/ scuba diver, it may be time to call Aquajoy. With the pool OFF!  Start your leak detection at the light, with the light out of the niche check the screws, face plate and conduit with your dye.  Next check the drain and hydro-static valve, since you have the cover off now would be a perfect time to replace it. A new VGB approved drain cover will protect your family, as long as it is installed properly! Once the drain cover is screwed down securely (no short cuts),move on to the floor and then the walls.  Recheck the fittings maybe you missed something the first time.

Where could your leak be?

                                 Why bother with a little leak in your  pool?

Why repair a leak, even a small one?  Cost…even the smallest leak has a price.  The cost to replace the water, to heat it and to chemically treat it.  Then there’s the cost of erosion, what damage is it doing to the pool structure or under the deck? A leak at your pump could be causing your heater base to rust away or helping your equipment pad to settle at an odd angle.  

Aquajoy Spa And Pool has been finding leaks in swimming pools and their related lines and equipment for 30 years.  We find most leaks within a few hours.  Our testing equipment can locate a a line leak in the ground or your liner with amazing accuracy.  For hard to find leaks in vinyl liners we use Anderson’s LeakTrac System,  it will locate even the smallest of pin holes.     

If you need a leak detection or pressure test call Aquajoy Spa And Pool, we would love to swim in your pool (for the purpose of leak detection of coarse).  Call (630) 774-4515 or by Email