New plumbing to the pool, upgraded the pump to a variable speed pump and a salt generator, new plumbing in roomBetween visits, there are simple things you can do to keep your pool enjoyable. Adjust the temperature of the water, keep the water level up, and regularly check the pump and skimmer baskets for blockages.

Please remember to check your pH. Perfectly clear water may give the impression that it is balanced. Low pH will keep the water clear until it dissolves the heat exchanger into the water.  Testing your pool water is important!  Just because our crew checks and adjusts the chemistry during a maintenance visit does not mean it will stay perfect, wind rain, sun and bather load will change it.  10 teenagers on an 85 degree day will drop you chlorine level, if it rains that night you may not wake up to clear pool the next day! (Check our chemical page for help)

Since we only see your pool once a week, please call us if the water is cloud or turning green.  In summer, excessive heat and rainstorms can turn a pool green in a matter of hours.  Also, please inform us of any parties so we can schedule a call prior to it.

Prior to your opening date:

Mesh cover customers, don’t forget the generic bleach! One gallon per week from thaw to opening will decrease the stress on your pool and system and will help your water clear more quickly